The Eternity Team

Armen Kardashian

Founder & CEO
Armen Kardashian, Founder and CEO of the Eternity Foundation, possesses exceptional expertise in product and organizational architecture, as well as building automation systems. With 17 years of experience streamlining processes and workflows to drive increased ROI across diverse companies and products, Armen is a strong advocate for automation as a fundamental component for delivering precision solutions to enterprise-level products and services. His fascination with blockchain technology was piqued when he recognized the potential of Smart Contracts for enabling trustless automation. In light of the burgeoning popularity of NFTs in late 2020, Armen set out to identify the true value of NFTs beyond mere speculation, leading to the establishment of the Eternity Foundation and its flagship product, The Eternity Deck Game.
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Yuriy Aydinyan

Co-Founder & President
Yuriy, Co-Founder and President of the Eternity Foundation, is an expert Solutions Engineer with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from San Francisco State University. He has over 15 years of experience in optimizing web content delivery and security for companies. With a strong passion for using technology to solve complex problems, he became interested in crypto in 2014, believing in its potential for tokenizing society. He is a strong advocate for Web3 and decentralized projects and believes that blockchain technology can provide solutions to problems traditional methods cannot solve. By joining the Eternity Foundation, Yuriy aims to create NFTs that have practical use and value, promoting the Web3 revolution made possible by blockchain technology.
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Alec Perelman

Alec Perelman is a marketing and advertising consultant at the Eternity Foundation, with a focus on digital channels. With over 15 years of experience in boosting brand image, launching marketing campaigns, and driving growth in impressions, subscriptions, and revenue for numerous Fortune 500 companies, Alec brings a unique combination of psychological insight and data-driven analysis to his work. Holding a degree in psychology from USC and having a personal interest in human cognition, perception, and motivation, Alec adds depth to the creation of advertising assets, a crucial factor for the success of any initiative. His strategic and psychological analysis helps the Eternity Foundation reach the right audience with clear, effective messaging.
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Dmitry Maslennikov

Game Theory/Mathematician
Dmitry, a Mathematician at the Eternity Foundation, is responsible for designing and implementing mathematical and economic models for games. Holding a PhD in Physics, Dmitry is well-versed in game theory and complex mathematical modeling. He played a crucial role in developing the game logic for the Eternity Deck Game.
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Zed Mupambirei

Solidity Architect
Zed is tasked with auditing the smart contracts used in the Eternity Foundation’s ecosystem on As a certified Blockchain Architect and Solidity Developer, Zed leverages his expertise to ensure the Foundation follows best practices, optimizes gas usage, and maintains the highest security standards. Zed is deeply knowledgeable in the fields of blockchain, crypto, Ethereum, metaverse, NFT, DeFi, and is excited about the future of web3. He is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Blockchain and Digital Currencies from the University of Nicosia.
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Lusine Pribilskaya

Lead Engineer
Lusine is the lead engineer for smart contract and backend development across’s sites. She has a deep understanding of blockchain technology, having immersed herself in it for the past 4 years, and has been instrumental in delivering the products and services offered by the Eternity Foundation. With over a decade of experience in technical leadership, Lusine has a proven track record of creating technology vision, establishing IT strategy, and managing technology road-maps to align with business objectives and corporate strategy.
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Gustavo "Guzo" Borboa

Guzo is the illustrator behind the hand-drawn art collections used in the Eternity Deck Game and other illustrations featured on’s sites. He is a talented industrial designer, visual artist, and illustrator with over two decades of experience creating illustrations and designs for international brands, press, comic books, and graphic novels. Guzo is also a professor of modern art, illustration, and art history at the Amerike Institute of University Studies in Mexico City, and has won the prestigious international design award “a! Diseño”. His artwork has also been featured on major playing card brands.
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Karlonne Santos

UI/UX Design/Animator
Karlonne is the designer behind the user interface and user experience for all of’s platforms. He created the VIP card designs and overall branding for the Eternity Foundation. With a five-year history of collaboration with Armen on successful projects, Karlonne joined the Foundation to help bring their vision to life. In addition to his UI/UX skills, he also has a talent for costume design, combining design and cultural elements in the physical world.
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