Welcome to Eternity Game

Simple and Insanely Fun

In this exciting game, your goal is simple: Collect cards in a 52 card deck. The higher ranks you collect, the greater the rewards. Collect all 52 cards to claim the ULTIMATE BOUNTY!

Ranks and Upgrades

Some cards are common while others are rare gems waiting to be discovered. Use the upgrade system to trade low ranked cards for higher ranks and complete your collection. Each Rank can be claimed for a bounty reward.

Three ways to collect!

Blindbox Mint
  • Buy random cards for one price
  • Upgrade cards for higher ranks
  • Trade with other players peer-to-peer
  • VIP Members receive early access, discounts, and rewards

Vip Membership

Mint a VIP Membership and get access to exclusive community perks, NFT drops, raffles, and in-game discounts
Play and Collect them all!

Dragon Collection

Los Muertos Collection

Eternity Collection

Discover new cards and build your own deck!

No purchase necessary


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