Eternity Deck Game

  • Web3 collect-and-earn game
  • Instant buyback per rarity
  • Complete collections and earn multipliers
  • VIP Members
    get early access and discounts on fees
  • Three ways to collect!


    VIP Membership

    Purchase a VIP Membership and get access to exclusive community perks, NFT drops, raffles, and in-game discounts


    Envision Ecosystem of Decentralized Products and Services
    Begin Mathematical and Economical Research and Development for Eternity Deck Game
    Begin Collectibles Game Frontend and Backend Development Begin Testing Eternity Deck Collectibles Game Alpha on Polygon Testnet
    Begin Frontend and Backend Development for VIP Card Mint and DAO Contracts
    Begin Audit of VIP Card Mint and DAO Contracts
    Begin Game Logic and Math Audit
    Complete Game Logic and Math Audit
    Launch Website Begin Mint and Sale of VIP Cards
    Launch 3 new Collections of Eternity Deck Collectibles Game Add Partner NFT In-Game Discounts
    Launch Partner Collection Program
    .... Conceptualized
    Conceptualization of the Eternity Deck Collectibles Game
    Begin Eternity Deck Collectibles Game Smart Contract Development
    Complete Collectibles Game Smart Contract Development
    Begin Smart Contract Development for VIP Card Mint and DAO Contracts
    Complete Smart Contract Development for VIP Card Mint and DAO Contracts
    Complete Audits of VIP Card Mint and DAO Contracts
    Create Interactive Tools for Game Preview
    Complete Game Smart Contract Audits Launch Early Access Collection for VIPs Begin Public Bug Bounty Program
    Release new collections
    Launch Merchandise Store


    Armen Kardashian
    Founder & CEO
    Armen Kardashian is the Founder and CEO of the Eternity Foundation. Armen’s strengths lie in product/organizational architecture, and building automation pipelines. For the past 17 years Armen has worked with various companies and products to automate processes and workflows generating greater ROI’s. Armen believes building world class enterprise products and services require precision solutions, which can only be achieved through automation. Armen’s interest in blockchain technology significantly grew after learning about Smart Contracts and all that can be achieved through trustless automation. As NFTs began gaining momentum at the end of 2020, Armen set out to answer the question, “what gives NFTs their value beyond the speculative?” This led Armen to create the Eternity Foundation and its flagship product, The Eternity Deck.
    Yuriy Aydinyan
    Co-Founder & President
    Yuriy is the Co-Founder and President of the Eternity Foundation. He is a Solutions Engineer and holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from San Francisco State University. He has over 15 years of experience helping companies optimize delivery and security of their web content, he is passionate about using technology to architect solutions to solve complex problems. Yuriy developed an interest in crypto in 2014, recognizing both its utility and place in the eventual tokenization of society. He is a major advocate for Web 3 and decentralized projects, and an advocate that this technology is the solution to an array of problems traditional tools have been unable to solve. He joined the Eternity Foundation to create NFTs that have real-world utility and value, aiming to introduce and inspire members to the Web3 evolution that blockchain has made possible.
    Alec Perelman
    Alec Perelman is a marketing and advertising consultant, specializing in digital channels at the Eternity Foundation. Alec has over 15 years of experience in building brands, spearheading marketing campaigns, and assisting digital operations achieve growth in impressions, subscriptions, and revenues providing value for dozens of Fortune 500 companies. What makes Alec an effective force for development and deployment of successful marketing initiatives is his psychological and intuitive background, a highly analytical and data driven approach, as well as his expert knowledge of media buying and planning. Alec holds a degree in psychology from USC, and personal interests have also inspired further study of human cognition, perception and motivation. This enables Alec to effectively contribute to the concepting and creating of advertising assets, the quality of which is pivotal towards the success of the majority of initiatives. Alec’s strategic and psychological analysis helps the Eternity Foundation by target the correct audience while delivering a clear and concise message.
    Dmitry Maslennikov
    Game Theory/Mathematician
    Dmitry is the Mathematician and specialist responsible for creating and implementing mathematic and economic game models for the Eternity Foundation. Dmitry holds a Doctorial in Physics and his interests and strengths lie in game theory and complex mathematical modeling. Dmitry has been instrumental in designing the game logic for Eternity Deck Game.
    Zed Mupambirei
    Solidity Architect
    Zed is responsible for auditing Eternity Foundations' smart contracts which are used across's ecosystem. As a certified Blockchain Architect and Solidity Developer, Zed brings his expertise to the Eternity Foundation as an additional safeguard for delivering the best practices, gas optimization, and highest security standards. Zed is immersed in the blockchain, crypto, Ethereum, metaverse, NFT, DeFi, and is highly enthusiastic for the future of web3. Currently studying for Masters Blockchain and Digital Currencies with University of Nicosia.
    Lusine Pribilskaya
    Lead Engineer
    Lusine is the Lead Engineer responsible for smart contract and backend development used across's sites. Over the past 4 years Lusine has immersed herself in blockchain technology, and her knowledge and expertise has been intricate in the delivery of the products and services offered by the Eternity Foundation. Lusine has over 10 years of technical leadership experience and an outstanding track record of creating technology vision, setting strategic IT direction, and managing innovative technology road-maps to align with corporate strategy and business objectives.
    Gustavo "Guzo" Borboa
    Guzo is the Illustrator responsible for the hand drawn art collections used in the Eternity Deck Game and hand drawn illustrations which are featured across's sites. Guzo is an industrial designer, visual artist, and illustrator. He has been developing illustrations and designs for international brands, press, comic books and graphic novels since 1999. Guzo is currently a professor of Modern Art, Illustration, and Art History at Amerike Institute of University Studies, Mexico City, and a winner of the renowned international design award “a! Diseño”. Guzo's art has been featured on major playing card brands.
    Karlonne Santos
    UI/UX Design/Animator
    Karlonne is the UI/UX Designer responsible for the designs used across's sites. Karlonne created the Eternity VIP card designs and branding featured by the Eternity Foundation. Karlonne has worked with Armen on multiple successful ventures over the past 5 years, and joined the Eternity Foundation to deliver Eternity's vision. Karlonne's talents also transcend to costume design bringing design and culture to the real world.